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AZ TRCoat – thermal insulation material

 Are you paying too much for heating?
 Is your apartment too cold in winter and too hot in summer?
 Do you want to eliminate thermal bridges that contribute to mould growth?

We have a solution – a brand new thermal insulation material: AZ TRCoat®.


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What is AZ TRCoat?

AZ TRCoat is a thermo active paste material, which can have a great affect on thermal comfort of a room and therefore on heating and air conditioning costs. Walls where AZ TRCoat has been applied are “softer” and warmer to touch when compared to other walls.

AZ TRCoat can be applied to almost all base layers. It can be used in both construction and refurbishing.
Applying AZ TRCoat does not require any construction work of its own.

AZ TRCoat also helps to prevent mould, particularly at so-called thermal bridges. These are created when two differently insulated walls meet.




What is AZ TRCoat produced from and how does it work?

AZ TRCoat is a high quality, breathable, thermo insulation material with water dispersion basis. The filler agents consist of 90% hollow 3MTM Glass Bubbles. It uses both the low heat conducting characteristics of the glass bubbles (which are determined at the range of 0.05-0.23 W/m.K at 0°C) and their ability to reflect electromagnetic thermal radiation.

AZ TRCoat® is applied at app. 0.5 to 1.0 mm and creates a thermo active layer, which reflects a significant amount of electromagnetic thermal radiation back into the room. When compared with rooms where AZ TRCoat® has not been applied, thermal comfort is reached with lower intensity heating.


Applications and solutions

Where can I use AZ TRCoat

AZ TRCoat is ideal for improving thermal comfort in residence areas or the inner insulation of perimeter walls, freeze-through gables, walls behind heaters and all other insufficiently insulated areas. It limits vapour condensation, thus preventing harmful mould growth.

It can be applied to smooth, clean, dry, and grease free base layers.

Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, as it can be applied to tanks or piping of heating devices as well. The effect increases significantly when used on highly conductive structures, e.g. sheet metal. 




 is easily colour-toned.

AZ TRCoat offers a high quality finish for walls and ceilings, which can match the colour of your other furnishings. AZ TRCoat can be treated with water-based colours.

All is accomplished in one step, with no construction work necessary, so you can keep using the apartment or office as usual. It takes no longer than a new coat of paint.

You can change the colour depending on your needs without compromising the product’s integrity in any way.

 is breathable, durable and relatively washable.

Water vapours diffuse resistance at μ = 30, which is slightly higher than ordinarily used materials.

AZ TRCoat helps to prevent humidity condensation.

Based on our experience, AZ TRCoat helps to solve the problem of moisture condensation at high-risk thermal bridges, such as lintels, beam footings, metal building structure parts or window frames.

AZ TRCoat helps to provide healthy interior spaces.

AZ TRCoat lowers water vapour condensation on cold walls and prevents mould growth. It helps to maintain proper humidity, which in turn prevents dust creation and drying of mucous tissue. Generally, it helps to free the interior of significant amount of allergens and carcinogens.

 is risk-free.

The receiving surface can be later sanded and painted over. The layer leaves no smell and does not emanate any chemicals when drying. There are no health-related risks involved and application does not require special protective clothing.

What are the uses and benefits of AZ TRCoat?

Walls warmer to the touch, a highly breathable material, acoustical improvement. Works in -40 °C to +150 °C temperatures with uncompromised characteristics. Still relatively effective at +500 °C.

AZ TRCoat® is particularly effective in periodically or temporarily heated areas, such as offices, cottages (weekend retreats), restaurants etc. Thermal comfort is reached faster, even at lower temperatures. 


How to apply AZ TRCoat

AZ TRCoat is best applied by spraying onto both absorbent and non-absorbent, clean surfaces. When the surface is new, hard and smooth, we recommend using bonding primer AZ Penetril® first. Before applying the primer, however, we also recommend smoothing uneven surfaces with cement. When dry, the surface can be further sanded and painted with water-based paints. Alternatively, the material can be colour toned before application, but the volume of colour additives should not exceed 10% of the total volume.

Examples of use

The fact that AZ TRCoat can be applied to limited parts of structures constitutes a major advantage. It does not need to be applied to the structure as a whole.

Insulation can be improved by single rooms or local problems can be solved. Only AZ TRCoat allows addressing local details when ordinary re-painting is considered.

• Door and window cases

AZ TRCoat prevents condensation on cold surfaces and further prevents mould growth.

• Ceilings

Ceiling and wall girders work as heat conductors. They conduct heat that accumulates in the ceiling away from the interior. This can be prevented by applying AZ TRCoat to the ceiling and at least part of the adjoining walls.

• Lintels and balconies

AZ TRCoat offers immediate low cost solutions to most typical structural defects resulting in thermal bridges.

• Corners

Mould often appears in corners, usually by the floor or ceiling and at the point where the two walls meet. Mould can still appear on the floor area even if complete insulation has been installed. More often than not, the insulation of the supports and basement ceiling is insufficient. AZ TRCoat prevents cooling of wall surface and creation of thermal bridges. It is easy and quick to apply.

• Weakened spots in structural walls

A classic example would be a fuse box or a switch. AZ TRCoat can solve such problems without the need to move or replace the switch.


Apartment buildings

The previously mentioned problems’ solutions are slightly more complicated when it comes to apartment buildings. Complex regeneration of such buildings requires the agreement of all owners, energy audits etc. Equipment has to be provided to work at heights. The final result depends on each and every detail.

AZ TRCoat allows you to solve particular insulation defects quickly and effectively, with minimal interference. 


Top 10 benefits

Top 10 benefits of AZ TRCoat:

1. Insulation without construction work.
2. Significant cost and energy savings.
3. Prevents cold and humidity entering through walls.
4. Breathability and proper porousness.
5. Helps to remove thermal bridges.
6. Allows further insulation in steps by season.
7. Applicable to all surfaces.
8. Easy to apply – by spraying or using construction trowels.
9. No smell, no harmful chemicals.
10. Non-flammable.

Brochures and Downloads

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