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Tips For Preparing A Successful Business Trip

Well-organized business trips are a golden opportunity to close important agreements with clients and suppliers, while reducing work stress …

Business trips allow you to combine work and leisure . It is clear that a handshake and a look in the eyes are much better to seal a commercial agreement than an email.

This is growing more and more in companies. In addition, there is an intense evolution towards more personalized trips.

This forces the industry and brands to offer individualized services that meet their specific needs. It must be very clear that a personalized trip reduces stress and better accommodates the client’s particularities.

To make your trip go the way you want, we recommend that you follow our advice:

    1. Define the objective of the trip; You have to be clear about what the business trip is for and what you want to achieve.
    2. Find out as much as you can about the destination, so that your business trip is successful it is important that you inform yourself well about the destination to visit.
    3. There are numerous sites on the Internet where you can do it, such as the Web page specialized in travel, this aspect can be very important for the success of the business.
    4. You have to look at the quality of health, the use of plug adapters, WiFi coverage, the type of currency, the way to pay, get money, how to move …
    5. Prepare all the documentation for the trip such as the visa, passport or DNI and it must be borne in mind that these trips may arise as an unforeseen event, so this documentation must always be valid
    6. Choose a destination according to the purpose of the business trip: Think carefully about the objective of the business trip and the people you will meet and based on that choose the destination.
    7. Organize the meeting agenda, always leaving a space for unforeseen events.
    8. Collect all the information you can about the company and if you can about the people you are going to meet, addresses, phone numbers …
    9. At the time of negotiations, try to create an environment outside the client’s comfort zone. You choose the place of the meetings.
  • There are many options, where to travel from mountains in the Swiss Alps, more coastal destinations like the beaches of Brazil or cosmopolitan cities like the European capitals.